06, April 2009

SilverStreet Capital Focuses on African and Agricultural Investments

SilverStreet Capital LLP announced that it will focus on investing in Africa and agricultural businesses going forward. SilverStreet has a philosophy of developing and managing “absolute return” products in the alternative investments area.
SilverStreet’s focus on agriculture and Africa is based upon the Partners’ assessment of the substantial investment opportunities present in these two areas and, the firm’s ability to provide institutional investors with access to investment opportunities in these areas.
Chief Investment Officer Gary Vaughan-Smith commented: “We see agricultural commodities as an important emerging investment theme for the next decade. We see powerful secular forces driving the prices of agricultural commodities up over a multiyear time horizon. Forces like population growth, land shortages, climate change, water constraints and biofuels.”
This under-researched and overlooked sector looks an excellent place for institutions to invest in to gain exposure to relatively uncorrelated and exciting potential returns.”
On African opportunities, Vaughan-Smith commented: “African investment opportunities in the agricultural sector are overlooked and underestimated. Africa presents an opportunity to invest in and develop the agricultural sector. We can achieve meaningful social benefit through supporting small-scale farmers in the production of food crops.”
SilverStreet Capital LLP is an investment management business established in the first quarter of 2007, and is headquartered in Covent Garden in London.