Zambian Grain Farms

Industry: Arable farming and livestock

Location: Serenje and Mkushi Districts, Zambia


This investment is made up of two blocks of farms owned by Silverlands Zambia Limited and Silverlands Agriculture Services Limited. These farms are irrigated and primarily grow wheat in the Winter and, soya beans and seed-crops in the Summer. The farms are located is areas with secure water supply, good soils and slightly higher than average altitudes. These factors taken together help to ensure greater reliability of production crop and higher wheat yields in particular.

Social impact

The businesses currently employ over 400 people although headcount is expected to grow substantially. The impact of skills transfer is also meaningful.

The development of these farms is significant in Zambia in terms of the country’s production of wheat and soya beans and it is estimated that they will add an extra 10% to the national output. The development has therefore greatly improved the country’s food security as well as reduced its reliance on imports, saving foreign currency.

The team is now exploring potential “hub-out grower” schemes with the neighbouring communities.