Silverlands Vineyards

Industry: Table Grapes

Location: Aussenkehr, Namibia


Silverlands Vineyards is an integrated producer of table grapes which packs, markets and exports its product to Europe, Africa and the Far East. The business is located in the Aussenkehr area of Namibia which, in SilverStreet’s view, represents one of the best areas in the world to grow table grapes. The area is not prone to frost or hail thus having an optimal climate for table grapes. It is also attractive because of the time-slot when harvest takes place. Grapes are harvested from early November until Christmas, a time when few grapes are harvested globally. This timing advantage means that the prices achieved for table grapes are often at a premium to those achieved later in the season.

Social impact

The business is already a substantial employer, employing over 1,000 people over the harvest season and this number is expected to grow substantially. The team is investigating the production of other crops in the area, such as seed-vegetables, and the related potential to work with small-scale farmers to grow vegetables under the hub-out grower model.