About us

The SilverStreet Group is a leading investor in the agricultural value chain.

The team has strong knowledge of and networks across the sector including agricultural inputs, primary production, processing, storage and distribution. It is based in the UK with offices in Africa.

The Team has broad, collective experience of investment management, farming and across the agricultural value chain. It oversees businesses across six countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in a range of crops and across the value chain. Its portfolio includes the primary production of grains, soya beans, sugar cane, deciduous fruit, tropical fruit, table grapes and tree nuts.

Aside from primary production, the team has experience across other parts of the value chain including processing, feed milling, the seed sector, poultry and cattle.


Environmental, Social and Governance matters are a central pillar to SilverStreet’s investment philosophy and decision making process.

SilverStreet aims to achieve a significant and positive social impact through its hub-out-grower model. It works with small-scale farmers and local communities to provide markets for their produce and technical support to improve their crop yields.

Its projects have included successful joint ventures with local communities to manage commercial farms owned by these communities. It provides significant employment and training in rural areas and encourages sustainable agricultural practices such as the use of conservation farming techniques by small scale farmers.